Sydney to Byron Bay

How to get from Sydney to Byron Bay

Byron Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Every year, almost 2 million visitors are welcomed to Byron Bay, with three quarters of those visitors arriving domestically.

Almost 500,000 visitors come to Byron Bay each year from Sydney. Visitors from Sydney have several options to get to Byron Bay. In this article, we’ll break down the options for you:

Sydney to Byron Bay flights

Flying to Byron Bay from Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport is the fastest way to get to Byron Bay. Although there is no airport in Byron Bay itself, there are several airports close by.

Ballina Byron Gateway airport is the closest airport to Byron Bay. There are around three flights per day from Sydney to Byron Bay, taking 1: 20 in duration. There’s a further 30 minute drive to get from Ballina Byron Airport to Byron Bay.

Flying from Sydney to Lismore Airport is convenient, however there’s only on average 1 flight a day from Sydney that lands at Lismore Airport. The flight duration from Sydney to Lismore is 1:40, with a 45 minute airport transfer to Byron Bay.

Gold coast Coolangatta Airport has over 20 flights a day from Sydney to Byron Bay. Due to the number of flights, this is often one of the more economical routes to get from Sydney to Byron Bay. The flight takes around 1h 20m. The airport transfer from Coolangatta Airport to Byron Bay is around 1:15 drive.

The final option, and the furthest from Byron Bay, is to fly from Sydney to Brisbane. There are over 30 flights a day from Sydney to Brisbane, making Brisbane Airport the most accessible for Sydney-siders. Getting from Sydney to Byron Bay via Brisbane consists of a 1:30 flight and approximately 2 hour airport transfer to Byron Bay.

Sydney to Byron Bay by Car

Few people take the 9 hour drive (775km) from Sydney to Byron Bay. It’s convenient, as you have your car with you for your duration in Byron Bay. The downside is the lost time and expense of petrol for the long drive from Sydney.

Sydney to Byron Bay via Train or Bus

Although travelling from Sydney to Byron Bay by bus or train is the cheapest, it’s also the longest. Either trip takes around 13 hours. Greyhound offers an overnight service which may be more convenient for your needs.

In summary, there are several ways to get from Sydney to Byron Bay. We recommend flying to Ballina Airport, or Coolangatta Airport to reduce unnecessary wasted time and expenses.

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